Beard Reconstruction (ISHRS)
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Beard Reconstruction (ISHRS)

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Bear Reconstruction (ISHRS)

At the past ISHRS annual scientific meeting in Chicago, around 9 workshops talk about the relevance of consumer preferences and the perspectives that consider differents kinds of hair reconstruction, among them Beard Reconstruction.


There has been a lot of buzz about celebrity beard. The beards have become a growing style among men worldwide. As a result, many males looking for a more full beard look are turning to facial hair restoration surgery to fill in their beards, mustaches and sideburns.

According to the recently released ISHRS Practice Census, facial hair restorations increased 196% at the year.

In addition, facial hair restoration can be an opportunity to repair or cover scarring and other permanent damage to the face (acne, vitiligo). Both FUE and FUSS harvesting are used for beard restoration with the best outcomes.

Like with the scalp and hairline, careful consideration to the design of the beard, sideburns and mustache are critical. Consideration must also be taken in regards to the angle of insertion and type of hair follicles used in facial hair restoration for the best beard reconstruction.


Hair Trasplant Forum International
Volume 25
Number 4
July/august 2015
Director Robert True




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